Sunday, December 02, 2018

Scary Sunday

The girlfriend and I were heading to the planetarium to watch the Christmas show Sunday matinee, today, when something odd, terrifying, and sadly typical happened. While riding to Arby's for lunch, Amy's attention was grabbed by a man banging on the window of a parked Chrysler 500. The car was stopped on the service road on the south side of the Eastern Bypass, near the hospital. When I looked over, the man was angrily banging on the window with a black object in his hand. It looked like he was trying to break the window to get at whoever was inside.

The car being attacked was trapped between a vehicle in front and behind and appeared to have no escape route. I instinctively laid on the car horn to let the assailant know he was being seen. It was at exactly that moment he turned around and I clearly saw the large black pistol in his hand. He looked right in my eyes as we sped by. I about laid a brown egg.

The whole thing probably took less than three seconds. Luckily, traffic was moving pretty swiftly. I looked in the side view mirror as we continued on, and the assailant was swiftly strolling away from the car he had attacked. My hand reached for and located my handgun, but I never felt like we were in real danger, as he never raised or pointed the gun. It was, however, enough to raise the instant pucker factor to 11.

We called 911, but had to wait ON HOLD until we were well past the scene and couldn't give any good landmarks. They took the details we could give and I have no idea what happened after that. Amy said we probably saved the life of whoever was in the that vehicle. All I know is that, from now on, we take the interstate.