Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Food Changes Mood

The holidays are always good for food where I work. I don't think I've had to eat the lunch I brought for weeks. Today was no exception. There were 20 deep fried turkeys. 20.

In spite of all the food, in spite of all the turkeys, all 20 of them... in spite of the tryptophan, cookies and cokes, there was a little sadness.

For the last 12 or so years, my wonderful girl and I have enjoyed Wednesday night supper on a regular basis. But tonight, due to my sweetheart being a bit under the weather, there was to be no Wednesday night date. After ensuring her health, and desire to rest, I ventured out into the cold Selma streets to find food. Alone.

Then, my phone vibrated... friends wanted to eat with me! Having heard my quiet supplication, they responded and my solitude was broken. The sadness, treated with a healthy dose of food and friends, was allayed.