Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Way Leads on to Way

So many paths are impassable. Sort of like one of the famous Frost roads not taken, only where you get halfway down the road and realize that it ends abruptly in the abysmally infinite. When you get a good look at the absurdity of an infinite ending somehow occurring at the halfway point, you really wish you'd taken that other road.

It's not like setting goals that aren't achievable knowing they aren't possible beforehand. It's a pretty orthodox paradox; you wanted it and it proves impossible to obtain. Forever. These things are like human nature.

By thinking negatively about others, you can dehumanize yourself. People should be forgiven, but you shouldn't forget. That's a moral hazard for them. It puts you at risk, as well. You could easily humanize them by knowing who they are and of what you know them to be capable, but your nature tells you that's wrong.

Nothing is ever like it was before the first feet fell on the road less taken. Pretending as though nothing has changed, or that things can be as they were is tempting but insane. We bathe in the psychosis.