Sunday, November 18, 2018

It Will Be Televised

The much brighter light from a new television illuminates this whole room. The old one either grew dim over the last decade plus, or was never all that bright to begin with. Now, the room glows.

They're making them much lighter in weight, now, as well. It's very easy to handle. It was harder getting the old one down, by far, than it was to put the new one up.

There was thought put into getting one of those behemoths, but they didn't have one that big, locally. So, instead, the old one was replaced with one about the same size. The big 'un will just have to wait until more internet research is done. Maybe indefinitely.

The new one was also about a quarter the price of the old one, too. That didn't really figure in, though, since the giant ones now cost less than the old one, so that's what set the budget. It was nice to keep that extra grand, at any rate.