Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cozi with MeTV

Why does watching old TV put me in a good mood? It really shouldn't. It should remind me of how old I am, how much has changed, and that so much of who and what I liked aren't here anymore.

But it doesn't.

No, it fills me with nostalgia, good memories and a little hope, for some weird reason. There are things on there that seemed lost to time until they pop up on some old episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. Phrases were forgotten until Mr. T says his one liner on The "A" Team. These things must trigger some old neural pathways to happiness.

Now, if you watch too much of it, a little melancholy might creep in. It takes a few hours to get to that point, however, and even then it beats most modern TV. Commercials still suck, though.