Friday, August 03, 2018


Magic can be creepy. Even though it's usually an obvious sleight of hand, there is still some measure of disconcertion. The fact that people repeatedly practice this kind of trickery for the purpose of confusing the observer is a little off-putting. Performers even practice their facial expressions as part of the illusion.

Still, that doesn't mean magic isn't intriguing. Magic is a very curious and mysterious art. Done well, it very easily entrances the observer. It's mesmerizing.

Music has this property, as well. The difference is that musicians don't typically rehearse to trick the audience. To the contrary, music often exposes the performer. The effect is no less magical, though, if done properly.

Mesmer called it 'animal magnetism'. It's probably more like a previously unknown, sudden and deep curiosity that must be satisfied. With magic and music you feel compelled to repeat until you understand, but you never will.