Thursday, August 16, 2018

Gab Away

There have been many posts on this blog regarding the evolution of 'social networking'. GeoCities, ICQ, YahooIM, AIM, Myspace, to name a few, have come and gone. Facebook, it's been opined, has outlived its usefulness... as have Twitter, et al.

The Twitter and YouTube on this page have gone unused for years. Facebook has been used only to keep up with close friends and family. There are no longer links to entries on this blog posted on social network pages.

At one time, this blog was all politics. Liberty and free thought started taking it over not long after it was started. However, there aren't many political posts on here, anymore, because it became tiresome.

This post will be a slight exception to the new trend. I signed up for Gab has a LOT of controversial political and social views. Along with the typical normal folks, there are Antifa, Socialists, Communists, Nationalists, Nazis and any other controversial kinds of people you can imagine. Some have posited that it will become a breeding ground for violence, due to the lack of censorship. Some want it shut down.

Ask yourself this question, though: Isn't it better to have those who might act out of hate OUT IN THE OPEN instead of hiding in some secret meeting place plotting their violence? At Gab, you can try to talk some sense into them, or, at the least, get a better understanding of why they exist. If those who perpetrate violence based solely on the difference in appearance or belief were able to hear a counterpoint, it may not be enough to change their mind, but it might just be enough to keep them from acting out.

That's why we believe in free speech. It's much better to know what someone thinks who doesn't like you than to just have them unexpectedly start hurting people. Communication of any kind is imperative to peace.