Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scheduled Visits

Gotta see the doc in the morning. Routine, though; just a scheduled checkup. Nothing new.

Maybe the dozen or so readers of this blog would be interested. Maybe not. Maybe they're annoyed.

Either way, enjoy not having to go to the doctor on a regular basis while you can. 2 years ago a regular schedule of doctor visits would've seemed like a foreign concept. It's still pretty weird.

Curious as to where the dozen or so estimate comes from? Google provides very basic statistics for hosting this blog. Included are number of unique visits, country of origin and what browser/os combination. No IP or other tracking, just basic stats.

Here's what it looks like (click to enlarge):


Not exactly burning up the internet. There are about the same number each day from the same browser/OS combinations for me to guess around a dozen. Purely a guesstimate, though.

No one comments, anymore. There used to be a few regular commenters. One of them indicated that the blogger format made them unable to post comments. Sorry if that's the case. I've never had that issue.

Off to bed for me. Need sleep to look good for the doc. Gotta avoid unnecessary doctor concern. No need for pointless poking and prodding.