Friday, July 20, 2018


Sometimes, most unexpectedly, you become haunted. Not by spirits of the dead or anything like that. Not even mistakes, although they can bedevil you. This is a different kind of ghost.

You may feel there is absolutely no attachment to the images forming, against your will, in your mind. Yet, for some reason, there they are. Refusing to give any significant respite, they relentlessly repossess the thoughts in your mind, bending them to their image.

You may even hate this imago in the whole, but there is something about it that eats at you... lures you out of your disdain, speaks to you in electrical, musical ways and mesmerizes. You remind yourself of the thing(s) you dislike, focusing on the disgust you feel. It's no use, though. The will of the ghost spins and colors until the thing you hate, which, until now, was weighing in your gut, flutters like a butterfly in your chest.