Monday, November 13, 2017

Guitar Center Sucks

Maybe you shouldn't buy non-guitar equipment from a place called GUITAR Center.  They recently really botched up an order online.  Perhaps they're better in person... or not.  They don't seem that great in person, either.  The prices posted online seem good, but good luck getting it from there to you.

The good ole' days of Bailey Brothers, Art's  and Capital Music...  I miss that.  Even our local Effinger's or Z's.  What happened to those awesome days?  A trip to the guitar shop was like going to an amusement park.  Now we have impersonal websites and reps on the phone who barely seem to know how to tie their shoes.  Over the phone you have no idea if they're even wearing shoes.  Not that I care about if they wear shoes or not... I digress.

Yeah, there were arrogant snots at some of those local places.  They would eventually talk you out of liking music, if you let them... but there were also cool folks who would talk music and trash.  There has to be something to take the place of that.  Is the interwebnet really taking that spot?  Surely not.

Maybe growing up in the pre-www days made it seem more fulfilling to find a spot where people gathered to talk about common interests.  Social networking has really opened up the world, to understate it immensely.  Yet, somehow, there is still something better about getting that hungry loneliness abated and even satiated for a little while with a visit to the shrine to guitars for sale.