Sunday, August 27, 2017

Can't Talk Right Now

There are a line of stitches in my tongue.  Maybe pictures will eventually find their way onto the blog.  Maybe not.

Never been in the hospital before in my life and I've now had two surgeries for totally unrelated issues in less than a month.  Not to mention a biopsy, PET scan and sitting numbly by myself in the cancer center while other people who are obviously pretty far along in their treatment wait patiently.

A week ago things seemed pretty bleak.  You try to avoid thinking the worst, but the C word is like kryptonite to any kind of positivity.  You can't watch TV without hearing dozens of references you never noticed before.  Now, the bad is cut out, and the recovery begins.

Thank God for clean PET scans, good surgeons, painkillers, good coworkers and good employers.  I've really tried to keep this from people until I knew what path I was about to be following.  There's still a little uncertainty but I already feel so much better than I did just a week ago, at least mentally.

Finally tried solid food tonight.  Poor Amy was eating the broths and creamed stuff with me since Wednesday.  We went and picked up McDonald's after watching "The Founder" on Netflix.  I had a cheeseburger.  Although it was dry, took 30 minutes to mush up to eat and tasted like it had been waiting all day for me to get it, it was the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten.