Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Need to Wander

There is so much life to live and so little time to squeeze it all in, it seems. Between work, obligations, and the fatigue those things bring, it's hard to make time to just live. I want to live.

Experiences are the way we live. If you experience the same thing over and over, your life can begin to feel monotonous. Yeah, imagination can make every day a new adventure, but sometimes you just want to not have to imagine adventures; you want to live them. I want to live adventures.

Travel seems like it would be the kind of adventure you wouldn't have to waste imagination proving to be an experiential sensory occultation. From the first step you take out of your normal path you begin to get out of that rut. Sometimes, the route to work can vary enough to give a little adventure. Sometimes, not enough... not enough at all. I need to go somewhere.

Do we have to travel far to find adventure? Most of us don't walk from one side of the yard to the other, or across the street from our houses very often. I want to go far away.

Maybe our lives need some danger to make us feel alive. If so, some of us already have jobs with enough danger and still feel like we need more. I want to go somewhere I've never even seen and blindly find my way through alien areas and shimmering seas of the unknown.

There are people to meet. They are the characters in your story. Some will become regulars, some peripheral, and still others will haunt your sleep and dreams forever. I want to dream of them forever.

Over the next set of hills and trees lies something you've never seen. There breathe the lungs of creation; there dwell the sources of adrenalin. They taste like the salt of life. I want to breathe my life and feel my pulse race in my whole body as my feet carry me swiftly into something new.