Friday, April 17, 2015

This Could Be the Last Time

I was just reflecting on how you never think when you do something on a regular basis that it will be the last time you ever do it.  Like the last time I rode my bicycle around the 'bend' where I grew up, or the last time I rode it down the sidewalk at my grandmother's house.  I must have ridden that gravel road we called the 'bend' tens of thousands of times and made many, many more circuits of the walk in front of Grandmother's house. The trees claimed the 'bend' decades ago, and it has been even longer since I spun my 'wheel', as my grandaddy called my bike, on my grandmother's walkway.  I know the last time I did, I never suspected it would be the last.

I wonder what things I have done recently for the last time without knowing about it.  I suspect it happens every now and then, with no fanfare and no recognition until much later... until it's too late to do it again.  Some of them probably never get recognized. 

Sometimes I dream about doing those things... but I suppose that doesn't count.