Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Blanking Christmas

Once again, the air is full of cookie smells and tinsel reflections.  The decorations have been hung for a month or more, now, and the time is nigh for Christmas.  Oh, boy.

You probably didn't get the sarcasm in that, "Oh, Boy."  Maybe you did.  It doesn't matter.

The decorations seem duller this year; they seem to be getting duller each year.  These eyes have seen 40 Christmases, so they might just be getting over it.  Or maybe they just physically see duller, now.  More likely, Christmas is just getting cheaper, and thereby duller.

It's probably not very dull for the little kids getting some of their first Christmas presents, though, so age probably has something to do with it.

Nevertheless, sitting here at 9pm, 2 days away from Christmas, this heart just doesn't seem to be beating any quicker with excitement than it was 6 months ago.  The tree is decorated, as usual, though it's lights have only been lit once or twice this year.  There are presents underneath.  Quite a few of them, all for others. 

None to shake and guess about.  That's the first time that though has crossed my mind in a long time... Over a decade, most likely. 

Gah... could this little post be more depressing? 

Let's try.  So, Christ was born around 2000 years ago.  Not on the day we celebrate Christmas; we just borrowed that day.  None of this crap is in the Bible.  As a matter of fact, the Bible warns about celebrating stuff like this.

Who cares though, right?  It's tradition.  Makes the kids happy.  Makes the parents happy to see the kids happy.  Makes the stores happy to sell stuff.  Makes the government happy to collect taxes on that stuff.  Everyone wins.

Yup, that was sarcasm, too.  Sorry, I'm just in a Grinchy mood.