Friday, February 22, 2013

To the Legislators

There is no reason (zilch, nada, zero) why a legislator shouldn't read the legislation he is voting for or against.  There is nothing THAT time sensitive, EVER.  If the bill is thousands of pages, perhaps it shouldn't be one bill, or, if it should be one bill, it should require far more debate and time to read than any so-called 'emergency' measure, which needn't be so long.

I don't need rhetorical arguments.  There is absolutely NO REASON not to read the bills.  NONE.  That is your ONE AND ONLY JOB.  You're not an ambassador who has to meet with foreign dignitaries.  You're not an employment agency finding work for workers or workers to supply industry.  You are a representative to the governing body from the people who elected you.  You're not there to have meetings with lobbyists; You are only there to vote or let the body know what the people you represent think, which your electorate have already done, in large part, by electing you.

Even if you feel like the above paragraph contains part of the job description of an elected representative, your first job is the legislation you will be voting upon.  All else would be second. 
There's NO REASON not to read the bills.

I know, you've got staff to read the bills.  You've got more important things to do; You have to meet with other people from the governing body, people from other governing bodies, donors and lobbyists to discuss the things you'll put in the bills, but won't take the time to read to make sure they are actually in there.  And other important things, like showing up for public relations photo ops.  You have to get re-elected, right?  But mostly, you've got personal business to attend to, right?  RIGHT?  RIIGGHHHT.

I know, pressing the flesh is time consuming.  And tiresome.  But not for you, of course.  You enjoy it.  The wonderful feeling of being seen and being powerful. 

Read the bills.  READ THEM... READ 'EM!!!