Thursday, September 20, 2012

GOP Reminder:

This is just a reminder to all those who backed candidates who never beat Obama, or struggled to even get a few points ahead, even when they were called the 'front-runner' in the nationwide polls leading up to the primaries and caucuses:

Paul Beats Obama Head-to-Head
Forbes:"CBS Poll: Ron Paul beats Obama among Independents"
Rasmussen Poll: Paul beats Obama in General Election
Harris Poll: Paul beats Obama
Paul beats Obama... again!
Paul would Beat Obama
Paul most Electable Republican... could beat Obama
Paul Polls Strong Against Obama

If you want to blame anyone for Obama remaining in office after November, and you don't feel comfortable blaming yourself for voting for someone in the primaries who never consistently polled ahead of Obama, go ahead and blame the party hacks and elitists in the GOP who railroaded the Paul campaign from day one. With bad press, disparagement, and outright fraud in the primaries and a kangaroo convention, they are the ones who truly need to be held accountable. You're just someone who follows their lead.

Pointing your finger at the die-hard conservatives who worked tirelessly for Paul does nothing but point the other 3 fingers and a thumb back at yourself.

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