Monday, August 20, 2012

About Compromise

In politics, a lot of people complain that the 'other side' isn't willing to compromise.  Finding a way to make things work by giving up a little sounds like such a good idea.  The trouble is, both sides compromise away our rights, which should NOT be up for negotiation! 

When we talk about compromise, we're usually talking about finding a middle ground that all groups involved can agree is acceptable.  For example: 2 people want to go to out to eat but they can't agree on a restaurant; one wants tacos and the other wants burgers.  An example of compromise would be agreeing to eat tacos this time and to eat burgers next time.  What government tends to do is put a hamburger patty in a taco shell and tell people they got what they wanted.

Another example of what people in government do is to make demands of compromise where none is legitimately available.  It is like finding a compromise between a murderer or a thief and his victim.
 "We can't allow you to steal ALL of his possessions, so we'll allow you to take a percentage.  You can't kill him ALL the way, so we'll allow you to beat him within an inch of his life."
 That isn't compromise, is it acquiescing your basic rights.

People like Ron Paul have been accused for nearly 4 decades of failing to compromise his principles.  I wish more politicians were accused of this.  With each piece of legislation passed, more of our basic rights are given away.  It isn't compromise, it is wholesale selling of our freedom.