Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AZ Immigration Ruling is Lose-Lose, not Win-Win

I can't believe that something called a 'papers please' clause was ruled Constitutional.  It makes me laugh because it is unbelievable... like a bad joke that is so bad that you laugh at how uncomfortable it makes you feel. 
The irony is that so-called conservatives are cheering the fact that the clause was upheld, yet the very parts of the law that conservatives should have wanted to be upheld were defeated.  The parts that say a state can write laws governing itself are the parts that conservatives SHOULD have been rooting to be upheld.  Instead, they root for the most Marxist-Fascist-totalitarian-individual-rights-stripping clause.

Nutjob liberals and fake conservatives love this Supreme Court ruling.  Liberals cheer this decision because it destroys state's rights.  Conservatives cheer because you can now Arrest American citizens and hold them until they prove they are citizens.  Doesn't seem like a win for conservatives, at all.

Matter of fact, it isn't a win for either side.  Liberals lose, because police can now use de facto profiling based on race or whatever other factors the individual officer chooses to use.  Maybe an Obama sticker?  Conservatives lose because state's rights are eviscerated and American citizens will now have to abide by the same travel rules as the Eastern Block during the cold war.

Go ahead and cheer... while Liberty dies to thunderous applause.