Friday, May 11, 2012

Marriage is NOT Controversial

Contrary to what has been implied in the news lately, it is not politically dangerous to come out for or against the legalization of any form of marriage.  Either opinion you take on the subject is a pro-state, big government opinion.  Whether you believe government should make a law allowing same-sex unions or whether you believe government should make a law banning them, you still believe government knows best.  This is the safest political move a bureaucrat can make. 

The politicians who take a left vs. right opinion on this subject are just following political trends and reinforcing the belief that government knows what's best for you.  Basically, they let the political wind form their opinions and set precedent after dangerous precedent based on this flighty and flakey foundation.  That's very safe for them, but potentially catastrophic for the country.

My religion dictates that marriage is a union between a man and a woman and this is what I believe.  It is the height of government arrogance and a violation of my right to freedom of religion, protected by the 1st Amendment, to proclaim that government can dictate anything about marriage.  Marriage is not a crime to be controlled or regulated.  It does not directly threaten your life, liberty or property.  It is a contract based almost completely in religious belief. 

To come out against government control of marriage is the truly American position.  The American people don't need a nanny.  We don't need some bureaucrat making laws that affect our religious beliefs.  We need government to stay out of our personal lives.  The sole and only legitimate purpose of government is to protect life, liberty and property.

The problem we face today is that our government has built too many unconstitutional institutions that rely on government's definition of marriage.  This affects the structure of almost every agency.  Those that deal with revenue collection or distribution, from the IRS to entitlements, depend heavily on government interference in marriage. 

Government should not define marriage; your church should.  Marriage is a religious institution.  It is not a crime.  Government has no more right to regulate who you marry than it does in who you choose to have as a friend.

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