Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Groat Party

Artur Davis has jumped from the Hammer to the Sickle.  Or vice-versa.  Doesn't matter.  Big government comes in two colors, red and blue.  It doesn't matter if there's a donkey or an elephant on the wrapper, when you unwrap it, its the same disgusting product.

We should stop calling them by different names.  If they're for big government and encroachment on the life, liberty or property of the people, they're all in the same party, as far as we should be concerned.  They draw pretend lines in the sand and then cross them whenever they like.  They're basically occupying the same political real estate.  Why should we give their fake boundaries any credibility?

Why call them Democrats and Republicans?  We should use one name to describe them, instead of two, since they basically occupy the same area on the political spectrum. 

I suggest the word 'groat'.  Their money is slowly becoming worthless.  As the old saying goes, when something is practically worthless, it's "Not worth a groat".  Seems to fit, to me.

A groat was a coin that wasn't extremely useful.  That fits as well, too.  All they seem to do is bury us in more debt, while destroying the good name of America.

Since a groat is a coin, it has two sides.  Just like big government politicians.  They can flip over with a flick of the wrist.

And "Groat" just seems like it would make a good name to give an animal mascot.  It could be some sort of ill-formed goat-creature.  Maybe a donklephant with horns.  Depending on which side you're looking at, it would look like an elephant or donkey with horns.

Swapping parties doesn't really make Artur Davis a Republican, or a former Democrat; he's just another member of the Groat Party who turned around so you could see his other end.