Thursday, May 03, 2012

Free Healthcare!

We've gotten a taste of government healthcare in Selma.  Long lines formed through the doors where free dental, vision and health exams were being given.  Military doctors dressed in camoflage fatigues strolled about, giggling.  I suppose that means they have good bedside manners. 

Expensive cars rolled up and parked; their contents spilled out and into the lines.  Other cars with expensive-sounding stereos blasting did the same.  At one point, the line extended down the block.  Police patrolled on Segways, keeping the people in line.

All of this I watched from across the street where I work.  A co-worker decided to go over and see if they could get an eye exam.  They were told the wait was over an hour.  Around 40 people stood in the line at that time.

Again, today, the lines have formed.  The free healthcare started on the 1st and will go until the 10th of the month.  Three days in, and I don't see it letting up any.  If anything, more people are there today.  I guess word is getting out.

Watching the whole production, one can't help but imagine that this is what it will be like when mandated healthcare takes effect.  It reminds me of the lines I saw as a kid on the free cheese and butter handout days.