Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Read This

The government's recovery.gov website shows that for the roughly $3,000,000,000 (that's billions) Alabama has received in stimulus money, only about 3,000 jobs have been created. That's about $1 million a job. They would have done better to give a million dollars to 3000 people in return for starting a business employing more than one person. Even if they only employed themselves and one other person, it would've doubled the results.

Heck, if each one employed 33 employees for year with a 30k salary that would've been 100,000 new jobs.

That's the problem, though. Government says we'll improve the infrastructure so that new businesses want to come to the state. So, the new jobs created with the money are to be in building or increasing the size of agencies that already exist in government.

But even that doesn't happen. There winds up being new government vehicles purchased, a stretch of rarely used gravel road will get a new blacktop and a few new employees will be hired to government agencies to distribute the money.

In a short amount of time, the new vehicles are old and in disrepair. The contracting company building the roads, which made a quarter to a half million on that job, will do several more of these road-to-nowhere jobs before letting employees go when the government money runs dry. The government agency retains the new employees hired and the taxpayer foots the bill for all of it.

Nobody seems to even notice. Everyone has such a short attention span. Apparently, even blogs take too much time to read, now. Well, everyone will have plenty of time to read if the economy collapses. However, like the Twilight Zone episode where the guys says, "There was time now!", no one will be able to read... not because they broke their glasses, but because everything will be written in Chinese.