Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Extortion and Piggy Banks

I filled out my government extortion form last night... you know, the one that goes by the number '1040'. I felt the reaming of my soul and my bank account. Actually, they can't ream my bank account because it was already empty. I will have to borrow money and go further into debt to pay my taxes.

At a recent event in Las Vegas, held for the government office that was designed to reduce waste, nearly one million dollars was spent to entertain them for who-knows-what reason. The money paid for clowns, a mind-reader, and other frivolous things. I admit, my taxes only paid for a small, insignificant part of this celebration, but I will still have to go into debt to help pay for it... and I don't even get one of the commemorative coins that cost $6300!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! This isn't how it was supposed to be. Taxes were to be levied for specific purposes, not collected however the bureaucrats want and spent on whatever luxuries and other sundry items they want. Basically, we are now looked at as piggy banks to be smashed, emptied and discarded.

We don't have the representation originally intended by the Constitution. In 1913 the method by which congressional representation was determined was ended. The power of each representative began to increase while their accountability began to decrease.

In 1913 the Constitution was also modified to allow an income tax. The Federal Reserve Act was passed the same year, which allowed monetary manipulation which created the inflation tax.

This is not a coincidence. The politicians have ALWAYS been trying to get more power and more money. As time goes on, and districts grow, they answer less and less to the people and more and more to those with the money to fund their campaigns. I'm not naive enough to believe that this was done out of benevolence or a desire to save taxpayer money by not building larger facilities to house the congress.

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