Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow in April

The temperature being 90 the other day got me to thinking about other unusual temperature fluctuations. Like the time it snowed in April.

It was April 3, 1987. I was in 6th grade. The school year was coming to a close and every kid was looking for an excuse to not go to school. It was a Friday and that made it even worse. The 2" of snow outside the window was quite an exciting sight because we just KNEW they'd call off school.

We were wrong. Our newly appointed Selma School Board Superintendent REFUSED to give us the day off! By the time we got home from school, only tiny patches of snow remained. What a bust... we didn't even get to play in it.

That was the only time in recorded history it has snowed here in April. I looked up the date to be certain. While I was looking in the records, I noticed that only a few days later, on April 21st, came the third hottest day ever recorded for Selma in April... 93 degrees!* Talk about fire and ice.

Ever since then, when winter seems to have given up the fight, I remind people about the snow in April.

* The record for temperature fluctuation in Selma was set in 1907, when the temperature fluctuated 79 degrees from 15 to 94. There was no snow, however. Second place goes to 1987, when the temperature fluctuated 63 degrees, and, of course, we got snow. The only other temperature in April to be hotter than it was in 1987 was 1925. The mercury reached 95 degrees.