Thursday, March 22, 2012

Former GE Head calls Paul "key player", says Give Paul "a Role with Influence"

I was surprised to read an article written by Jack Welch back in January in which he calls for the GOP to offer Ron Paul "a role with influence and voice." Welch recognized that without the support of Ron Paul the GOP doesn't stand a chance. While Welch's words don't really have the weight they once had, and I disagree with his assessment of Paul's chances of getting the keys to the White House, I agree with the sentiment behind what Welch writes here:

There can be no brush-off. No “Phew, he’s gone. Now let’s get down to business.” No booby prize. Ron Paul needs to be given a role that really means something to him –- a role with influence and voice.

...Whatever speaking role Dr. Paul wants at the convention, give it to him. If he wants some sort of advisory role in the new administration, the answer is: “Of course.” Like a business leader designing a severance package with a key player, the GOP leadership’s mindset must be: “When he walks out that door, Ron Paul is going to be a friend for life.”

One might infer from this that Welch is calling for the GOP to buy Paul off. That's possible. At another point in the article, he does openly admit that alienating dedicated Paul supporters would mean losing 15% of the vote. Mitt Romney, the candidate with the best 'inevitability rating', is probably well aware of this issue, hence the rabid speculation amongst the media-elite about some sort of conspiracy involving Romney and Paul, which, I might add, is utterly ridiculous.

Like any good businessman, Jack Welch looks at the bottom line. The Republican Party must shift up towards Ron Paul on the political spectrum, or be cast down to the anthill of collective tyranny. That is the bottom line and, although he may not totally agree with it, even Jack Welch sees it.

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