Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Death of Liberty in Living Color

If you want to know how it looks when liberty dies, watch the 2012 election cycle. From the backdoor tactics of doctored election results to overt police action to deny the right to vote for the candidate of your choice, 2012 has already proven to be the election cycle where tyranny's ugly head has been seen the clearest. On TV this morning, a pundit admitted that the state party leaders will rig elections to give it to the candidate of their choice, shrugging it off saying, "That's what they do." What is going on?

Back in the Iowa caucuses, candidates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were awarded several thousand votes that they did not legitimately receive and 8 precincts were NEVER VERIFIED. For example, in counties where these candidates received, say, a mere 5 votes, 54 votes were recorded. The GOP indicated that the count had been accidentally recorded as 5, but the actual number was 4, so when the new number was written down, it was accidentlly counted as 54. Incidents like this happened over 100 times.

The state GOP then stated there would be no recount because the ballots had already been discarded.

Every state's primary or caucus has had complaints like these. Over the weekend, when the Missouri caucuses were held, the party's own rules of order were ignored. When the rules were violated by the GOP caucus leader, a point of order was called. The GOP leader was trying to ram through Santorum delegates without allowing the selection process as the rules indicate.

The majority of those in attendence, who happened to be Ron Paul supporters, were on the verge of getting their point of order when the caucus was abruptly ended and no one was allowed to vote on delegates. No violence occurred, no riot ensued, but police were called in to silence the Ron Paul supporters.

This is not how a free society works. You can't use the police to silence your opposition because you want your candidate to get elected. You shouldn't use the police to silence your opposition AT ALL. That is anathema to freedom.

Why is this happening?

The most obvious answer is that the people are beginning to shine a light on the coersive and heavy-handed tactics used by those in power to stay in power. A less-obvious answer, but just as accurate, is that the collective is being used to subjugate the individual for the benefit of an elite collective, as it has since the beginning of history.

From Eden until Salvation, man was forced to rely on the collective for survival. Now, through grace, we've been allowed to rise up and be responsible for ourselves. It is important that we not be pulled into the primordial ooze of collectivism. We are individuals with rights that can't be taken by Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, or any other petty tyrant who violate our rights. We will still have those unalienable rights, no matter how much they are violated... and those who violate them will be that much more in the wrong.

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