Monday, March 12, 2012

Alabama: Paul or Bust

Alabama: if you don't vote for Ron Paul, you are giving up on 2012. If you think John McCain had a disappointing election, just wait until you see the performance any of the three uninspiring GOP alternatives. They have no real following.

This is not a message to start a fight or to belittle anyone. It is simply stating a fact that is obvious to anyone who doesn't watch the news networks or listen to hot-air radio hosts to obtain their facts. If you look for people volunteering their time for no pay for a candidate, you will find that most of them are Ron Paul volunteers. If you look at the Federal Election Commissions official numbers, coming from the candidates themselves, you'd see that Ron Paul has the most individual donations, the most military donations (more than all the others combined), and raises a million dollars any time he asks his supporters for help.

Romney is hated. Plain and simple. The base of the GOP does not like him, nor do they think he is a conservative republican. Enough of them will go third party, maybe Constitution Party, possibly Libertarian, to keep him from having nearly enough votes where it counts in the general election, should he get the GOP nod.

Santorum has managed to recently cobble together the appearance of support. That will fade, however. He knows what the anyone-but-Mitt crowd wants to hear, but voting for the 'bridge-to-nowhere', raising the debt limit multiple times and other 'giving up my principles to take one for the team' missteps will make him ring hollow beyond his recently discovered southern gospel rhetoric. He is a good spin-meister but that will not win him the nomination.

Ron Paul is the most consistent conservative of our time. All of the GOP candidates have abandoned the core conservative principles that have been a part of the party platform for over a century. Non-interventionism, fiscal conservatism, pro-life, pro-liberty and pro-property rights have all been abandoned by the statist candidates opposing him.

Mitt Romney will NOT win in November. Rick Santorum has even less chance of winning than Mitt Romney. And Gingrich... well, I don't really know why Gingrich is running other than his ego; His message is no different than the other two and he has less support than they do. The bottom line is simple to understand: either Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination or Republicans will have to deal with 4 more years of Obama.

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