Monday, February 20, 2012

More Tricks

This is rich. Little Tricky Santorum is saying the Obama administration isn't based on the Bible, implying that a Santorum administration would be based on the Bible. Which Bible, Tricky?

Since you are a Catholic, Rick, your Bible has several more books that us protestants don't recognize as Canon. Some Catholics believe that the Pope is the closest thing to God on earth, and that his word is just as powerful as the word of God. I doubt many of your protestant Christian supporters, who may not be aware of your religious persuasion, would be happy if they thought you meant you'd allow the Pope to make policy decisions for the good ole' US of A, would they?

Now, of course, all of this is moot, because, as people who follow the Constitution, we don't believe there should be any religious tests for any office, right, Rick? Of course not. So tone it down, and let your example speak for you. Wait, you can't.


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