Thursday, February 02, 2012


My truck was stolen almost 5 years ago. I recovered the vehicle myself, after seeking help from police and receiving none. After recovering the vehicle, I told the police I knew where the people were who stole it, they asked me why I was still bothering them, since I already had my truck back.

I took pictures of the thieves and gave them to the police, along with names of witnesses who saw the vehicle stolen. I followed up for several months with the 'detective' who was supposed to be investigating this. He finally told me they had 'more important things' to investigate.

Then, yesterday, I saw helicopters, unmarked police cars, and dozens of officers at a gas station.

What were they doing? Blowing $700,000 dollars on drug busts. Their target? Synthetic drugs at convenience stores. They claim to have been planning the bust for a year, but the synthetic stuff has only been illegal for a few months. Maybe they were planning to make it illegal in order to make the busts.

Why do I think they blew the money and that it wasn't well spent? Because prohibition never works. The demand will still exist. Even if you reduce the supply to almost zero, which isn't really possible, that just makes the price skyrocket. It is simple economics. New suppliers will spring up, making a much greater profit than the previous suppliers.

So, instead of eliminating the problem, you've exacerbated it. You now have wealthier suppliers and drug addicts with a need to obtain more money to get their fix. This means more property crimes, which law enforcement around here practically ignores, already.

The drug busts look good on TV. It makes it look as if law enforcement is doing something. They aren't. Drug busts increase crime, make criminals wealthier, and cull the herd of weak black marketeers, making the black market stronger.

Trillions spent on this drug war have resulted in more types of drugs, a wider distribution base, and more powerful drug lords. THIS IS A FACT. Cartels south of the border have been armed, equipped and emboldened by a steady supply line from our government. The drug runners drive Hummers given to them by our government to fight drugs. Prohibition is what has made the drug trade such a lucrative endeavor.

If you truly want to eliminate drug abuse in this country, you must accept that prohibition doesn't work. Then, when these substances are not making drug suppliers wealthy, the market will correct. There will always be those among us who choose to abuse substances. But when the users are only paying a few cents for a hit, there will be no need to commit crimes. They will simply be killing themselves.

My property isn't important to police. Your property means nothing to them. They let known thieves continue to steal, while doing these made-for-tv drug busts which do nothing but make the real crimes they are supposed to prevent more prevalent.

Good job.