Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Front Runners

Mitt Romney's delegate strength, even after winning two states in one day, is still only 2%. 100% is needed to become the inevitable nominee. Romney's delegate strength is the highest but by such a small margin that it is insignificant. The only thing keeping him high is the media coverage of him as the front runner.

CNN is reporting that 250 delegates have been awarded, or are predicted to be awarded. That leaves over 2000 up for grabs. You only need 1144 to win, and all of the candidates are around 5-10% of the way there, now. If tomorrow the media were to begin pushing Gingrich again, or Santorum, or, heaven forbid, they start to push Ron Paul, any one of them would could have their delegate strength boosted enough to win.

The media (and by media I mean everyone from CNN to Limbaugh) won't push Paul, however, and will continue to report that everyone but Ron Paul is the front-runner. They'll also continue to steal every point, argument and complaint the Paul campaign makes. When the Paul camp complained of getting no coverage, the media reported complaints of Paul getting too much coverage. When Paul railed on the FED, the media reported the other candidates railing on the FED. When Paul called for a return to a gold standard, the media reported on the other candidates returning to a gold standard. When Paul supporters complained about RINOs, the media stole it and spun it.

There has been one mention of Ron Paul's delegate strength in this election. After the last debate, a reporter stated, in passing, that Ron Paul was second in the delegate count. That is the extent of Ron Paul's front-runner status coverage.

The convoluted GOP primary system is ripe for abuse by media. They can spin so many different aspects of it. How the delegates are awarded, the popular vote count, the decisions of the individual state part officials are just a few of the ways we've already seen it spin.

Why do we pay for party elections, anyway? Party's shouldn't be able to advertise on ballots at taxpayer expense, anyway. Party names on ballots causes bias just by existing. What if every party had to be awarded the same amount of money the current big two get through government funding of their elections?


This election is going to be a long one. Unless the GOP wises up to the only chance they have of beating Obama, that being Ron Paul, it will be a fruitless one for the Republican Party. Say hello to four more years of someone other than a Republican in the White House.

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