Thursday, February 23, 2012

Debate Result? President Paul

Ron Paul looked (dare I say it?) Presidential last night. From start to finish, he dominated. From sparring with the other candidates to attacking the media, he did it all with humor and dignity.

His one word description of himself: Consistent. And it was none more true than last night when he consistently pushed his message of smaller government, accountability, and a Constitutional foreign policy.

Typically, when the media tries to create some sort of backlash from the commercials the candidates run, they back off. Paul didn't. When asked about running the "Fake Conservative" ads against Santorum, Paul said, "Because its true... he's a fake!"

He called Santorum a fake to his face, and the former Senator couldn't even make eye contact. Paul pointed out the many flaws in Santorum's record, and had the newly-anointed front-runner on his heels. The others smelled blood, but weren't able to take the chucks out of Santorum that Paul did, without sustaining damage to themselves.

Romney and Santorum were booed by the audience as they danced around the issues. Even Newt, although he didn't speak as often, managed to provoke a boo or two.

When told he could only briefly reply to one question, which the other candidates had been given a minute, Paul replied to moderator John King, "No, I get a minute." Then, proceeded to use the full minute, prompting applause at the end of his answer.

Finally, during the post-debate interview, the CNN reporter was forced to admit that Paul is actually second in the delegate count. I have to say, that was the best debate performance I've watched so far. Paul's skills are now honed to razor sharpness.

If Ron Paul is the GOP nominee, Obama had better look out. Paul has so much ammunition from the broken promises of the Obama administration's first term that the debates could get quite ugly for the President. Paul already polls ahead of him in some states.

This could get interesting.

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