Monday, February 13, 2012

All-American Ron Paul

Is the candidate you support for President as American as Apple Pie? If you're voting for Ron Paul, he is. Ron Paul is an all-American with the credentials and history to back it up. He even holds a national baseball record!

Ron Paul was a high school sports star, class president and married his high school sweetheart. He is a working class person who, through hard work and determination, became successful. Later in life, when he saw the country was leaving its principles, he ran for office.

Ron Paul's first job was in 1940, at 5 years of age, collecting and cleaning milk bottles. Throughout his childhood, he worked mowing lawns and running a newspaper route. Paul lettered in multiple sports in high school and was a state track champion. He was offered an athletic scholarship, which he turned down, choosing to work his way through college. He earned enough at his high school jobs to pay for his first year of college.

While in college, he married his high school sweetheart, Carol.

After having children, he was drafted into the military. He served with honor as a flight surgeon during the early years of the Vietnam War and was stationed in the same country in which many US soldiers are stationed today, Afghanistan.

Returning from the military, Paul finished his college, and became a medical doctor.

After being a medical doctor for years, Paul became alarmed that our government took the radical step of removing gold backing from the dollar. After being tied to gold for almost 200 years (196 years), the United States now had a floating currency, and inflation. Because of this, he decided to run for congress.

Every position that Ron Paul takes is in agreement with the traditional Republican Party Platform. When Nixon went against the GOP platform and ended the gold standard, Paul went to congress as a Republican. When the GOP moved even further away from traditional conservative values, Paul ran against George W. Bush in 1988 as a third party contender, returning to run again on the GOP ticket in the 90's.

In congress, Paul introduced and supported legislation that protected the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the ability of our nation to defend itself. Known as Dr. No, Ron Paul has consistently voted against all tax increases and un-Constitutional bills. With the GOP's foreign and economic policies looking more like FDR than the Monroe Doctrine and a gold standard, it is once again Paul who is looking to correct the path of our nation.

As for his baseball prowess, he is the only person to hit an out-of-the-park home run in the 103 year history of the Annual Congressional Baseball game. That includes even the pro-baseball players who were elected to congress!

None of the other pretenders for the Presidency can say that!

Newt Gingrich's Wesley Mouch physique probably keeps him from being good at sports, but his multiple liberal stances, Mitt Romney's Romneycare and Santorum's history of voting against principle with anti-right to work legislation, supporting the failing government-funded Amtrak, and pro-collectivist rhetoric, contribute to making them all fall short of the high mark set by Ron Paul on the political stage.