Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Attacks from "Conservatives"

It seems that the dirty tricks are getting pretty vile. There are several groups who have organized to pretend to be Ron Paul supporters in an attempt to discredit Paul.

Here is an example from a group called "Stop Ron Paul" from their Facebook page, where they pretend to be Paul supporters and make phone calls:

"I am pretty sure that lady I was telling how much I like firemen and wanted Ron Paul to do a fireman calendar might not be voting for Paul. The guy who said he was for Newt that I called a neo con will tell some friends."

"Always try to get three numbers and call, well now around midnight in SC. There is a household not voting for Paul."

"Need to call some folks I wrote down four numbers for late night calls for Ron. Do I go lizard people or David Duke next???"

"Oh man, I just pissed this guy off. He is definitely not voting for Paul. The conversation went like this Hey, this is Nathan Bedford Forrest calling on the behalf on Ron Paul-Do you know what time is?-It is never too late for liberty-I will not vote for Ron Paul-Your filthy neocon zionist."

"As soon as they say they are supporting any candidate other than Paul; I instantly start yelling and cursing at them and accusing them of hating liberty and telling them that their families should be ashamed to be related to such an ingnorant moronic goat humper."

Where I come from, that's called wire fraud, and is a crime. They don't seem to mind implicating themselves, though.

At a Paul rally early in the election cycle, a man wearing tin-foil on his head claimed to be a Paul supporter, yet was later found, dressed normally, at another politician's rally.

Another group got some publicity over the weekend for trying to organize a rally where they dressed as Klan members pretending to be Paul supporters. When people protested, they claimed a Paul supporter made threats against them, again attempting to cast aspersions on Paul supporters, when it was THEIR GROUP that was using the disgusting racial tactics.

There have been others, and they seem to be getting worse and worse. That they've come to breaking the law in order to slander the supporters of a candidate means they just have no understanding of what made our country great.

These groups are wicked. It is unbelievable how they can be outright liars, yet can claim to be religious conservatives. I have chosen to not indicate which candidates these people support in order to not do the same thing they're doing. Needless to say, though, they don't support Ron Paul.

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