Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apparently, this happens fairly often...

My issue with Herman Cain has always been that he supported bailouts, supports collective bargaining for public employees, claims to have never been in government although he was head of a Federal Reserve bank, among many other inconsistencies or un-conservative short-comings. But he has really begun to prove how detached he is from reality.

I have only posted about him once before, and that was only because I was actually at the event where a video was shot. I posted in an attempt to defend myself and my position from a heavily edited mainstream-media misrepresentation of what occurred. I do not make a habit of attacking. It is much better to talk about my beliefs, and the positives of freedom and liberty.

I don't normally comment on the videos where Cain says something that can be taken as negative or less-than-knowledgeable. Nor will I comment on speculation about rumors and tabloid trash. There are just so many REAL problems with him as a Presidential Candidate for the GOP nomination that there's no need to try to build up some video of him contradicting himself. But I find myself compelled to repost this video, with a few comments.

My issue with this video isn't that he might want to take precautions before hiring someone for a government position, nor is it the apparent backtracking on his answer. My issue is that he escalated the question to a confrontation. I would NEVER want to see him representing the USA in negotiations... I'm afraid he'd be like some tin-pot dictator, yelling at anyone who disagrees with him, or that points out any apparent contradictions in what he says.

I posted this video on my blog because I have personally witnessed Cain going into this nearly-enraged mindset. He has some delusion that the Ron Paul campaign is out to get him, and says so in his book. Due to the fact that he repeatedly gets questions everywhere he goes about monetary policy, he implies in his book that it is a conspiracy by the Ron Paul campaign to make him look bad.

He is a flake. A flake is something that is easily blown about. You can see him flaking out, right before your eyes in the video above. In this audio clip from his book, you can hear the nutty paranoia:

What he says is really inflamatory and more than a little crazy.

It could be extrapolated that he sort of implies Ron Paul supporters aren't Americans, and says that we ask stupid questions. Yet, seeing as how he was the head of one of the 12 Federal Reserve banks, we thought he might have some opinions about how that relates to the economy. Shouldn't he? Other than, "Fix it," I've never heard anything about the fiscal condition of our country fall from his lips that didn't end in 999.

Because someone actually wants him to answer questions about an issue that he should know about, but apparently doesn't, he holds this insane grudge. Instead of formulating a coherent answer, he just attacks. Instead of trying to convince people of his position, he makes vastly generalized attacks.

It would be slightly amusing, yet mostly sad, if it weren't for the fact that he has the support of several million people. I don't think it is their fault, though. They were force-fed Herman Cain through the filter of media, which leaves out his support of the bailouts, collective bargaining for public employees and many other things that would really turn off conservatives.

I just hope that they exercise due diligence and look deeper into his record. Someone with such a small amount of patience and a large amount of paranoia would not make a very good President. I hope they understand, if they read this, how long I held my tongue to keep from openly attacking him. He is an insult to conservatism and an insult to any thinking person and I just finally had to say it.

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