Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Seeing the Bobs and Stars

The Great State of Alabama has recently moved from one Bob to another. Two Bobs reminiscent of the characters in the '90s film, Office Space. Bob Riley is more like the older, more personable Bob from Office Space and Bentley is the other Bob. The Bobs are likable guys who fail to understand the complexity and effects of their decisions. After cutting off pay to employees they intend to downsize, instead of handling the situation responsibly, the Bobs say, "It'll just work itself out."

But Bentley isn't as much like the other Bob's character in Office Space as he is the character the same actor played in the movie Platoon. Always sucking up to authority, the character eventually has to fend for himself as chaos ensues. Coincidentally, the same actor played a doctor on a TV comedy, Scrubs. He is less than amiable in that role, as well.

Bobbing aside, Bentley appears to be big government, in spite of his GOP rhetoric. He doesn't care what the Constitution of Alabama or the U.S. Constitution says; it seems he will do as he is told by his big government cronies that lead him through the maze of bureaucracy.

Is he simply misled, or is he so ignorant of the concepts that make this country great that he would so overtly disregard them? Bentley, it seems, has no qualms about using the power of government to force an agenda.

He SIGNED the liberty-mocking immigration bill. He has implicitly stated that he will enforce the national ID card (Hillary-esque) REAL ID Act. Stars on our licenses? That's the most absurd thing he could have done, aside from making us WEAR stars on our clothing. We are FREE AMERICANS, and, more importantly, FREE ALABAMANS.

Alabama IS FREE. We don't need permission to exercise our rights, and no tyrant-minded 'Dr.' who claims to be 'republican' will change that. He may use his thugs to imprison some of us who exercise our rights, but that won't change the fact that we have those rights.

Our rights are not given to us by man, but by a higher power. Some misled, petty tyrant has no authority over the rights of man. To give up those rights simply because a petty tyrant chooses to deny them in order to somehow PRESERVE them is ludicrous!

This nation was established with each individual as the authority in his own life, liberty and property. According to the Alabama Constitution the only reason a law may be written is to protect life, liberty or property and anything beyond this is "usurpation and oppression". To imprison someone, taking away liberty, for exercising a right spits directly in the face of every person who gave their life or put their life on the line to protect these rights.

According to the ultimate law of the land, the United States Constitution, we may only be deprived of life, liberty or property by due process of law, and since the only laws written are to protect life, liberty and property, the only way a person should ever have those basic rights infringed upon is when he infringes upon someone else's rights.

The only security we are promised in the Constitution is liberty. We're not guaranteed to be secure from anything from which we don't individually secure ourselves. The Constitution was written "to secure the blessings of Liberty", not to sacrifice liberty for security.

In Platoon, the enemy enters the perimeter "Bob"'s character is assigned to defend. Instead, he chooses to hide under the corpses of his fallen men rather than lead them to victory. Let us hope "Dr." Robert Bentley is out of office before he has a chance to strip us of enough of our rights to keep us from defending ourselves.

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