Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cain Loses Cool with my Girlfriend

The female voice you hear saying, "federal reserve" is Amy, my sweet girlfriend.

Amy didn't 'heckle' him at all. We were all being kind to him, answering his call-and-response question/statements. Then he said, "The reason that this economy is on life support is..." and she responded, "federal reserve." He had been saying things along the lines of "Do we want another four years of what we have?" We had all been answering the way he wanted us to answer, and he seemed really pleased. He just heard a response he didn't like and lost his cool.

No one heckled him until he turned on the crowd.

The irony is that he had JUST stated how he enjoyed hearing what people had to say all across the country. She's the only person he singled out for saying anything.

Needless to say, he didn't handle himself very well. He just attacked the audience, who were being VERY generous to him. If Cain can't handle a little Alabama girl giving her honest response to what she thought was ailing our economy without blowing up, how are we supposed to trust him with any kind of diplomacy?