Monday, September 19, 2011

Wait Until After I'm Dead

Can they stretch it out until after I'm gone? That's what you have to ask yourself if you think the current monetary policy at work in our country should be continued. The US Dollar has lost 98% of its value since 1970, under our current monetary system. How long until the other 2% is gone?

As long as the USA has the strongest military in the world, we can stretch it out. However, to keep that military strong, the dollar must lose value as we continue to borrow in order to replenish the military supplies. We're already in hock to China et. al. to the tune of trillions. What do we do when our military needs new supplies and China decides it is time to cash in its markers?

It IS a gamble... a huge wager with the future of the freest nation ever to exist put up as collateral. We have sacrificed financial security in the name of political comfort and cast lots on whether or not our ideological opponents will pull the rug out from under us.

But China, or the many other nations to whom we owe large debt, are not the worst problem. We have given up much of what made us great to provide a false sense of security to everyone. That is more detrimental to our economy than owing money to other countries.

One of the many things that made us great was the ability to question our leaders without fear of reprisal. We no longer have that. If you don't believe it, just try to stand in front of your state capital and speak negatively about those in government without being harassed by government representatives. Getting arrested for speaking your mind is NOT freedom. The only time you can get away with it is if you have support of OTHERS in government, basically acting as tools of the government against those they wish to defeat.

Another thing that made America great was the ability to strike fear into our government. Jefferson said that freedom is when government fears the people. Do you think government fears us at all? Of course not, they practically treat us like feeder cattle. The other part of that Jefferson quote is that tyranny is when the people fear the government. That fits a lot more closely to our current situation.

A show on Fox the other night allowed questions from the audience. One older woman, with a thick Eastern European accent, after stating that she escaped communist Russia decades ago, said that she now fears speaking out against OUR officials more than she feared speaking out against the communist officials when she was under communist oppression. Somehow, that just doesn't seem right.

If we don't soon make our government end the irresponsible borrowing and wasting of money in a manner that makes asking them if they think money grows on trees seem like a compliment, the consequences later will be catastrophic. Yes, there will be dire consequences, now, if we try to take responsibility, but those are nothing compared to what will happen if we wait. You don't want to be alive, then. It will be worse than the greatest depression ever recorded. America, as a nation, might cease to exist, either parted out to others or absorbed, wholesale, into a greater entity. You can be guaranteed that entity will NOT have a Bill of Rights for the individual.

Can they stretch it out until after you're gone? It's the question you must ask yourself before supporting candidates who choose not to take immediate responsibility for our debt. The answer is NO, they probably won't be able to stretch it out until after you're gone. You WILL have to deal with the worst economic times in the history of our nation. That raises a new question: Do you want to deal with a depression, now, or do you want to put it off by voting for the status quo, and dealing with something unimaginable in the future?

In the 1970s, Dr. Ron Paul predicted a dramatic drop in the value of the US Dollar following Nixon's economic policies. In 1984, he foresaw events leading to the crash of '87. In 1998, he predicted that terrorist attacks against the US would come from Afghanistan after Clinton ordered the bombing of Afghanistan. In 2003, he predicted the collapse of the housing bubble. In 2006, he predicted the bailouts and their failure.

None of these are prophet visions, but the result of astute and scientific observation. This observation utilizes an understanding of the causes and effects monetary policy in the creation of business cycles and artificial stimulation of the market. Instead of creating policy by polling, Paul starts with the fundamental rules of economics.

He, along with many an astute observer, have predicted a collapse of the dollar, if our current policies are not reversed.

We know that there is no candidate able to pull us from this economic quagmire without some economic destruction. Procrastination will only make it worse. If you choose to take responsibility now, the only candidate is Ron Paul. Not Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Barack Obama, Michelle Bachman, or any of the others who consistently defend the ideas which are already eviscerating our economy... only Paul has taken a stand against these policies. With the foresight of many years of economic study and observation, he has accurately predicted much of our current situation.

Will you cast your lots with those who would tell you what you want to hear, praying that this person will somehow delay the inevitable, or will you go with the one that doesn't promise to treat the symptoms, but to, instead, treat the disease?