Thursday, June 23, 2011

NPR: Legalization Won't Make It Better

Foreign Policy: Legalization Won't Make It Better: "

As drug cartels get more creative and more brutal, some are calling for the legalization of certain drugs. Elizabeth Dickinson of Foreign Policy says legalization won't work because the cartels aren't just traffickers anymore — they're the new mafia."

I'm not surprised that NPR published this story against decriminalization. The argument is very pro-state. If you favor limited government, you would favor decriminalization. If you favor big-government, you favor more laws to inhibit personal behavior.

I suppose those who still buy into the left-right, 2 dimensional political spectrum might not understand, since most of them think that Nixon-era drug enforcement laws are on the right, and 'legalization' is on the left. If you understand that the larger argument is liberty v. tyranny, you'd never buy into that.

The article is quite flawed, as well. The biggest error is the argument that you can't end the drug war because the drug was created drug mafias. That's about bass-ackwards.