Monday, May 23, 2011

Are you a Nixon/LBJ Republican?

If you are a Republican who is an advocate of anti-drug laws and are for the liberal interpretation of the welfare clause in the Constitution (like Chris Matthews of Fox News recently came out as being), you are a Nixon/LBJ Republican.

There, I said it.

FACT: There was no "drug war" before Nixon's tired, crooked, corrupt administration. It was a classic Wag-the-Dog scenario... he wanted attention drawn away from his dirty administration to the 'dirty hippies' who he claimed used drugs which, in spite of drugs being benign for almost 200 years, were somehow a new threat to America.

In spite of this misdirection, he was still forced to resign in shame when his criminal activities began to surface.

Continuing the costly and exhausting war on drugs is to perpetuate a diversion created by probably the worst president in my lifetime. Billions of dollars are poured into this bottomless pit of social engineering, while our own government has admitted to having the stuff brought into our country, or guarded it in foreign lands as it is grown. Meanwhile, 'illegal' drug use is increasing.

Utterly ridiculous.

As for the welfare clause, I was dumbfounded to hear a Fox News talking head defending the most liberal of all interpretations of the Constitution in an interview with Ron Paul. Funny how inconsistent Fox looks when a real conservative shows up.

It was Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democrat president, who gave us the most costly social welfare programs of all time. These entitlements are the bane of conservatism and libertarianism, because they not only rob Peter to pay Paul, but they also require virtual enslavement of those who accept benefits. No Republican should favor this. Yet clueless pundits, with an eye on polls instead of principles, are now lauding entitlements, while still wearing conservative republican banners.

Come on and admit it... Call yourself what you are: LBJ/Nixon Republicans. Just don't try to tell me you're a conservative.