Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad First Week

This isn't a good way to start a New Year... the violent murder of innocent people.

Both sides of the left-right argument are making valid points about the shooting in Arizona, but their points are pretty much moot. The guy wasn't right in the head, that's obvious enough, so I don't think motives or books he read mean anything.

I don't think this horrific incident makes any kind of political statement, other than the fact that the right to life of a bunch of people was tragically and terminally violated by a mentally disturbed man.

I guess if the shooter had been a police officer serving a no-knock warrant, and if none of the victims were politicians, the story probably wouldn't be as big. That might be the statement it makes, but I'm reaching a little.

It really sucks, though. Especially the little kid getting killed. Little kids are killed everyday, however, and that's what really sucks. Life is just totally senseless and terrible, sometimes.