Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Potential GOP Field for POTUS

Here's a list of the names I've heard mentioned more than once, so far, in alphabetical order.

Scott Brown - Listed by some as a potential candidate for POTUS, Brown has neither experience nor an acceptable conservative track record. His main claim to fame is that he has taken the late Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate and replaced the (D) with an (R) after his name. He also voted FOR the national healthcare bill.

Lindsay Graham - Graham has been mentioned often as a potential candidate, though his abysmal conservative record, along with his outright condemnation of the reform movement in the GOP, makes him a longshot.

Mike Huckabee - 'Tax Hike' Mike, as he is known to fiscal conservatives, has a less-than-stellar fiscal record. He increased spending in Arkansas as Governor after the big-spending Clinton left office, which is, indeed, saying a lot. Huckabee capitalizes on a pastoral, soft-spoken persona, which belie his hawkish rhetoric.

Gary Johnson - As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson vetoed every tax increase bill, giving him the strongest fiscal record of any Governor in the GOP field. Johnson is also a minor hero of the reform movement in the Republican Party, calling for repeal of unconstitutional legislation and a return to the civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

Sarah Palin - As Governor of Alaska, Palin maintained a somewhat limited government. Her campaign for Vice President in 2008 was not well-managed. She has limited experience and knowledge of economics and foreign policy, but has taken crash courses in both, to mixed reviews.

Ron Paul - Finishing only 3 points behind John McCain in the 2008 Iowa Caucus, Paul has a strong following, and proven ability to raise funds for his campaign. He has the strongest fiscal conservative record, and the strongest record regarding national defense. He is the champion and father of the reform movement in the Republican Party, known by some as the 'Tea party', begun on December 16th, 2007 to mark the anniversary of the Boston Tea party. In spite of this, he is not a media favorite, making him less recognizable.

Mitt Romney - Brought RomneyCare to Massachusetts as Governor. RomneyCare is basically the national healthcare system voted into law by Congress in 2010. Romney pushes a conservative image without a conservative track record. He hasn't proven his ability to create a following, other than through those identifying with his Mormon faith, but has a large amount of personal wealth to invest in his campaign.

Other mentions, by office/occupation, in reverse alphabetical order:

(name - highest elected office held or occupation)

John Thune - Senator from SD.

Rick Santorum - Senator from PA.

Marco Rubio - Senator from FL.

Jim Demint - Senator from SC.

Mike Pence - Representative from IN.

Newt Gingrich - Representative from GA.

Tim Pawlenty - Governor of MN.

Bob McDonnell - Governor of VA.

Bobby Jinal - Governor of LA.

Mitch Daniels - Governor of IN.

Charlie Crist - Governor of FL.

Chris Christie - Governor of NJ.

Jeb Bush - Governor of FL.

Haley Barbour - Governor of MS.

Fred Karger - Political Consultant.

David Petraeus - General in US Army.

John Bolton - US Ambassador to UN.