Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Call to Democrats: Reclaim Liberty!

Liberty is a much-used, and oft-misunderstood word. You can look in the dictionary to find its definition. Some people read the definition and are surprised to find out how much freedom 'liberty' gives a person.

Democrats and Republicans stake a claim to the word. Libertarians incorporated it into the name of their party. Still, when someone talks about liberty, especially in today's political climate, they're thought to be 'right-wing'. For some reason, the false left v. right, single-dimensional political theory tries to place liberty solely on the right side of the scale, denying the term to the alleged 'left-wing', such as Democrats.

If you are a Democrat, how can you reclaim 'liberty'? What efforts can you put forth to move the public opinion of liberty from the right to the left? Is it possible? I think it is.

You can start by looking at your foreign policy. Continuing war in a country that has neither declared war against us nor asked for our assistance is not a good way to reclaim liberty. Certainly, the other brand of government started the wars, but your brand continues to support them. You must end the interventionist wars to reclaim liberty.

Holding people indefinitely is not a good way to reclaim liberty. Keeping people in prison who have not been accused of a crime goes against every principle of liberty. You must free them to reclaim liberty.

Torturing your fellow man goes against liberty. As a free, civilized nation the idea of torture is repugnant and ultimately makes us hypocrites. You must work to end torture to reclaim liberty.

Taking away a person's right to decide how to best take care of his or herself defies liberty. You must end the failed drug war. You must end the hidden inflation-tax. You must repeal laws denying the right of the people to food and health freedom. You must end seat-belt and other non-criminal, invasive laws to reclaim liberty for the Democrats.

Allowing the surveillance and invasion of the privacy of innocent people without a valid warrant is anathema to liberty. If the Democratic party has a hope of ever claiming liberty, this issue must be addressed. Democrats must end the virtual stalking of Americans in the false name of safety in order to reclaim liberty.

These are but a few of many issues regarding liberty. If you ever want to see the Democratic Party have a legitimate claim to the term liberty again, you will be forced to address these and many others. For this to occur, those with a true love of liberty will have to become more vocal in the party. You will have to develop a true love of liberty.

In doing so, you will see that both parties are essentially the same, with two factions called 'Republican' and 'Democrat' flailing around a few flagship issues to exaggerate their differences with neither truly embracing liberty, and both wanting to control your life. This will be your toughest realization.

You will have to take over the Democratic Party in the name of liberty. It will not be easy, but I believe you can do it.