Friday, November 12, 2010

Wins and Losses

We won a big victory last week. Rand is in the Senate. Amash is in Congress.

I make no comment about Alabama's legislature becoming GOP powered. I don't know if that's a victory or not. I don't think many Alabama Republican candidates can tell the difference between liberty and tyranny.

My girlfriend and I put up Ron Paul signs in my yard, and we have a huge 'Got Liberty?' sign to put, yet. We'll do that tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be pics to put up. We took pictures with her camera, and should be able to get them up over at the site, soon.

There's an issue developing where we have to defend our right to defend our rights. Why is it that people can attack your rights, but when you attempt to defend them, you are attacked by others?

Example: When I make a comment against the redlight and surveillance cameras they are putting up in Selma on our local newpaper's website, the PUBLISHER of the paper HIMSELF ALWAYS sees fit to attack. He ignores the fact that these things DO NOT make the people safer, saying the safety of the people is more important than the rights of the individual. But even if they DID make us safer, it's not worth the sacrifice of our privacy! He acts like it's almost a CRIME to defend your rights by attacking a stupid government invasion of privacy.

It's not just the local rag, either. Anytime anyone tries to stand up for their rights, people try to shout them down. It's as if the shame and ignorance of losing their rights makes them think the person defending their rights is somehow attacking them personally. Why is taking a stand so unpopular? Why can't we do the very thing that makes this country great without being threatened or harangued by some statist that thinks any complaint is treason?

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