Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My RP Signs are PRO RP, pro liberty, and Nothing else.

I have several Ron Paul signs up in my yard. I have the distinct feeling that some in the Selma area think that's some sort of slight against Barack Obama. That couldn't be farther from the truth, though, as I had those signs before anyone knew who Obama was.


The spike shows when we had the REAL Tea Party back in 2007. The only news about Obama was that he was one of a half-dozen to a dozen candidates competing for the Democratic Party nomination.

The media pretty much eliminated any mention of Dr. Paul back then, so for him to have so much more interest than Obama shows how strong the Paul vibe was back then, versus virtually NO buzz for Obama. I didn't even know who Obama was back then, so, honestly, how can it be a slam on him to have my Ron Paul sign up?

Go look at the Google Trends yourself if you don't believe me. I liked Ron Paul better than the others in 2007, and I like him better now. No contest... no TEA PARTY statement... just showing my support for the guy I wish was my president.

Some of the very people complaining about it being "mean spirit"ed, I suspect, are the very ones who said Hillary Clinton was the best candidate back in 2007. It's on record that our local 'leaders' supported Clinton over Obama in the primaries. I wonder why they aren't brave enough to show their true colors by having a Clinton sign in their yards?