Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

So, I leave work for lunch today, debating in my head whether or not I should just stop somewhere and get a burger, instead of going home.  Almost immediately, some guy runs a stop sign at the Post Office and almost T-bones me.  So, Im trying to calm myself down about that and decide I just want to go home and eat a little something while sitting on my own couch.  Sounded really good at the time.  Still, Im muttering, "Can"t people read signs?, under my breath.

Well, as Im pulling up to my driveway, I see something propped up on my mailbox.  Its a political sign supporting some candidate for whom Ive never shown any support.  Upon noticing that, I see another one for this candidate BESIDE MY DRIVEWAY facing me and only me.  Im the only person who drives down my driveway, so Id be the only person to see it.  The sign on my mailbox was facing the wrong way to be seen by traffic, as well.  It was clear the target was me.  There were no other political signs for this candidate within a mile, that I saw, and only one Ive even seen between where I work and where I live.  For two to crop up, pointing at me, seems too much for coincidence.

So, now Im thinking either someone is playing a joke, stealing political signs and putting them on my driveway/mailbox, or there is someone trying to give me a message.  The thing is, I dont recall ever taking a stand on this candidate.  Its odd.  If it had been a candidate to whom I had been in outspoken opposition, maybe it would be slightly funny, but I really dont even know the guy.  I know he hasnt done a very good job, but Ive never really taken him up as an issue. 

At first, I thought maybe one of my neighbors tried to put them as close to me as possible without actually touching me, but they had no signs in their yard at all, that I could see.  I suspect it was a joke, but I dont think sign stealing is cool or funny, as we had so many of our Ron Paul signs stolen that were legally placed.  Stealing these and illegally placing them in front of a residence is just kind of odd.  I intend to let the person who the signs were advertising know about it, and get them to come take the signs.  Those things cost good money, I should know.