Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a Liberty Junkie

Is it normal to spend your valuable spare time reading about Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution, Economics and the like? I can't seem to get enough. There's so much knowledge out there. It's intimidating, but kind of inspiring.

Oddly, when I first came to the full realization that government was getting out of control, Bush was in office. When I tried to tell people, they said I was 'liberal' because I quit supporting Bush. I really had someone tell me that 'Liberty' sounds too much like 'Liberal'. Gah.

Now, with Obama in office, the people who said I was liberal seem to be coming to my side, and the people who once agreed with me now call me a 'right winger'. Double Gah.

But it's addictive, the Liberty. Freedom, real freedom, not the packaged PR issued Freedom brand tyranny shoved down our eyeholes, but the true self-reliant, civically-responsible, think-for-myself, say-what-I-mean, take-full-responsibility for myself freedom, gives me this great feeling that I can truly acheive something.

Liberty is just a word, though. It can, and has been, co-opted. When the person who signed some of the most tyrannical executive orders in the history of this nation says he wants to 'protect liberty' a logical person has to take pause. It's really not a left-right issue at all.

In my public-school education, all we ever heard about was 'democracy'. Everything was about 'protecting democracy'. I had no idea what a republican form of government was. I just thought that if the people got to vote, we're free.

Neither the Democrats or Republicans understand what a Democratic Republic is. Those words have been completely bastardized. Most of THEM really don't know what they are, either. If I could guess, I'd say that most of the people in government are neo-fascist federalists, while most of the people think their government is made up of democratic-republicans or communists.

Nevertheless, there are several stacks of books on my desk in my living room. All of them are about liberty or the founding of our country. This stuff is actually fun. I never woulda thought it. And, someday, we might even GET TO HAVE LIBERTY! REAL Liberty! That's so friggin' inspiring.