Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why does Trey Grayson hate the Constitution?

I just watched a video clip of a typical politian-type guy named Trey Grayson, currently the Secretary of State in Kentucky, who is running for yet another political office, the Senate. He really seems to be the type of person who thinks government should get away with anything it wants. During a debate, his opponent Rand Paul made the statement that government can't do anything without it being constitutional. Grayson indicated that government can do whatever it wants, as long as it makes us 'safe from terrorists'. I was incredulous.

Grayson sees the Constitution as a 'G-D piece of paper', like some of his buddies have been quoted as saying. Why? What's wrong with the document that founded our nation? With the Bill of Rights, it is still the most radically pro-freedom governing document in the history of the world.

The well-entrenched corrupt GOP cliques support him, mainly because he would give them another vote for whatever boondoggle they want. I hope the people of Kentucky see through his big government money, and fake-conservative fascade.