Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had an interview for another job this week. It went very well and I accepted the position.

I put in a 3 week notice Wednesday at my current job. July 4th is what I put on my resignation as my last day. I was just thinking about the last day of the 7 day week, but, thinking about it now, it's really like my Independence Day. Due to the holiday, my last day on the job will be July 1st.

It's kinda strange LEAVING a good job when the economy isn't doing very well. But the job I'm taking has distinct benefits. I will be working in Selma. No more long commute... no more 100 bucks a week in gas! I'll be able to go home for lunch, if I want. I'll be able to see Amy and my family more often, and even have lunch with them! Best of all, the place where I'll be working seems like a really good place to work.

I loved my job for a long time. My employers seemed to love me, as well... if you read my blog back very far, you'll see that I consistantly got bonuses of some sort. I already miss the place, and I'm still working there. I'll probably miss it for a while... until I see it disappear in my rear-view mirror.



Blogger Don said...

Congratulations, Tony! I’m happy for you but not nearly as happy as you are for yourself I suspect. Amy and your family and other loved ones will be equally happy to be able to have you share more of your time with them.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Tony said...

Thanks, Don!

Yeah, it's nice to not have to leave town to go to work. I have lunch with my family for the first time in years without having to take the day off.

It's also nice to not have to get gas every day. I normally use a tank of gas in 2 or 3 days going back and forth to work. I haven't filled up my truck since my last day at the plant, which was over a week ago!

9:42 PM  

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