Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's been a while since I've blogged. Over a month. The reason? Well, the Monday after the Tea Party, I was informed that there would be 'changes'. They had a meeting that Friday, and, for no reason I could ascertain, I was asked to leave the office I've worked in for the last 10 years. I still have to do the work I was doing in my office, but I'm now expected to do several other jobs on the floor.

I don't think it was a politically motivated move, or, if it was, I don't think it's overt enough to be actionable. The recent economy has forced the company to which my company contracts to cut back. As a result, my company's presence in the building was cut from 8 people to 4. I suppose it's good to be one of the four.

Of course, it's hard to do my job from the floor. Exhaust fans blowing makes it really hard to hear people on the phone. Doing the other taks takes up so much time, I've fallen behind on my job, a bit. The constant interruptions are annoying, as well, but, still, I feel good that I was one of the 4 people kept.

I'm so tired in the evenings, I rarely think about doing the blogging or keeping up the Selma Intelligencer. I stopped updating the Intelligencer after New Year's, when we cut back 2 people where I work, and my job got a little more busy.

My tractor recently broke down. I should have blogged it's repair. It was squealing when I put the clutch in, and wouldn't crank after that. We broke the tractor in half, but there was nothing wrong with the clutch. The flywheel wouldn't turn, so we thought the motor was shot. Then, Amy's dad looked behing the flywheel with a flashlight and said he saw a bolt rubbing the flywheel.

That's exactly what it was. We took off the flywheel, tightened the bolts under it, and it was fine. I was going to put a new clutch in while it was broken in half, but I wound up just putting it back together because I needed to cut grass, and didn't want to spend the money for new clutch parts.

I had it in half for several weeks. I really should have taken pictures and blogged it.

Amy's house had a plumbing problem that flooded 90 per cent of their house in a few hours. They're getting their floors replaced. Thankfully, their insurance covered it.

That's all I can think of, right now.

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