Monday, November 24, 2008


Facebook sent an email last week saying there was a request from a friend or something. I never go on facebook. It just seems like a bunch of kids on there. Never anything interesting.

Several years ago, in college, Facebook seemed like a good idea, so I signed up. I thought I could communicate with other students better, or something. I don't remember. The profile was rarely used.

A couple of years ago, I tried to log in again, forgot the password, and, because I no longer had my school email, I couldn't reset it. So, a new profile was created under my work email. Back then, you had to be either in school or a part of an existing network. There was virtually NO ONE on Facebook. Well, no one my age.

Anyway, I logged in last week, and there are 99 quadrillion people on the damn thing. I saw people's names I haven't seen in a decade and a half or more.

The old brain was transported to Westside Junior High/Middle School, Byrd Elementary and good ole' SHS. Weird.

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